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Rector: The Revd. Frank Impicciche

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Fr. Frank has been the priest at St. Matthew's since January 2016. He came to St. Matthew's after serving in a bi-vocational setting as the Vicar of St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Martinsville, Indiana while also serving as a certified Chaplain and Clinical Pastoral Education Supervisor. He has provided ministry in the healthcare setting for over 20 years.

In July 2018, Fr. Frank left the healthcare setting and became full-time at St. Matthew's.


Fr. Frank enjoys working collaboratively with congregations to challenge, envision and discern their gifts to be used for serving God in the world. He believes that the work of the church is to develop disciples who go out into the world living out their vocations and God-given gifts to the best of their abilities. At St. Matthew's, Fr. Frank works with the vestry (governing and visioning board) and staff in developing a vision for our work together.

Fr. Frank has served as the Co-Chair of the Commission on Ministry for the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis, the governing Board of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, and is currently serving on the Executive Committee for the Diocese.

Fr. Frank is married to Susan Wolf. His daughter, Clare, is a graduate of Marian University and is employed in Indianapolis. They enjoy the company of their two cats, Delilah and Gallagher. He loves to travel and is a life-long drummer.

One of his favorite stories in the Bible is the call of Moses and the Burning Bush!

Parish Administrator: Melissa Jester

Email Melissa

Hello everyone! I have lived on Indianapolis’s south side since I was 3 years old and I attended Franklin Central High School. However, my grandparents were lifelong residents of the east side and I would spend every Sunday with them going to church, eat a special lunch at Bob Evans, play games and spend the afternoon watching old Fred Astaire films.


 I graduated from the best school ever,  Indiana University in 2005 with a degree in journalism. I also completed a second major in studio art, specializing in drawing and a minor in Art History. 

I have worked in many different places and have had an unusual journey thus far. After I graduated from Indiana University, during the recession of 2008, I decided to work in retail and I ended up working 20 years in retail, with about half of those years in retail management. I have worked in numerous stores. Everything from L.S. Ayres (yes, Ayres) to Macy's to New York and Company(Lerner New York) and then I went into jewelry and sold jewelry for a major jeweler for five years. Then I worked for Williams Sonoma throughout Covid and then after Covid, I decided I needed a break from retail and went to work for a large commercial real estate firm as a marketing specialist. 


I currently live in Irvington and am an active member of Irvington Presbyterian Church. Recently, I had the pleasure of participating in the  selection of our new IPC minister, Pastor Jon Reinink,  and I also serve as a member of the Board of Trustees. I  am also a member of the Zeta Iota Irvington chapter of Tri Kappa where I  am currently serve as the recording secretary for the chapter.


In my spare time, if there is any, I enjoy cooking, reading Agatha Christie novels and love reading magazines while covered in blankets and with one of my cats on my lap. 




paul pic.PNG

Organanist/Choirmaster: A. Paul Johnson

Composer A. Paul Johnson displays a diverse talent, equally comfortable in the classical world and in musical theater. A native of the Indianapolis area, Paul’s music has been presented worldwide in concert halls and theaters.

After initially studying composition and conducting with Thomas Briccetti of the Indianapolis Symphony, Paul spent additional time studying in New York with Ned Rorem and Michael Colgrass, followed by a fellowship through the National Institute for Musical Theater at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts that put Paul under the mentorship of Carlisle Floyd at the University of Houston.
After having spent time in the musical theater world in New York, Paul initially focussed much of his compositional output on musical theater. His theatrical works have been performed by a wide range of theatrical groups, including American Stage, Asolo Theater Festival, Hippodrome (Gainesville, FL), Indianapolis Repertory Theatre, and Theatre Project Company (St. Louis, MO). In addition to producing original works,

Paul has worked as Musical and Stage Director for many theater companies, as well as working with Frank Ferrante as his Musical Director. Both Carlisle Floyd and Norbert Neuss of the Fine Arts Society in Indianapolis strongly encouraged Paul’s work in concert music. Through periods of living both in the Indianapolis area and central Florida, Paul developed relationships with many local ensembles that blossomed into relationships with international ensembles as well. Paul has received commissions from ensembles including the Carmel Symphony Orchestra, Central Florida Symphony, Gainesville Chamber Orchestra, Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra of Indianapolis, and Sydney Mandolins. Other prominent performers have included the Prague Symphony Orchestra, Sofia Philharmonic, Slovak Radio Orchestra, and Warsaw National Philharmonic. His Serenade No. 4 “La Graciela” has also been recorded by internationally renowned clarinetist Richard Stoltzman.In addition to the Kennedy Center fellowship early in Paul’s career, he has twice been nominated for Pulitzer Prizes in music and was the recipient of a fellowship through the National Endowmentfor the Arts that provided original music for programs in the prison systems. Additional fellowships and grants have been awarded by the Florida Arts Council, Indiana Arts Commission,Meet the Composer, and Arts Midwest, as well as many local arts organizations. Prior to being represented by Performer’s Edition, Paul operated the Apollo Project in central Florida, a presenting organization that organized performances of Paul’s works along with many other contemporary composers. Numerous recordings of these performances were released along with a variety of interdisciplinary programs including music, dance, television, and museums.

The Senior Warden: Joan Porter

It is an honor for me to serve as the Senior Warden for 2023.  My role is to facilitate  vestry meetings and these meetings are open to members of St Matthews. The current vestry consists of members ranging in age from 25 to 85 and bring diversity and wisdom working as one body to fulfill the mission of St Matthews. 

St Matt’s is a vibrant parish that has resided in the community for over 100 years.  Many changes have and are continuing to happen and we are asked as people of faith to meet these challenges.  With the leadership of Father Frank we have a strong relationship with many agencies serving this community. With his guidance we can continue to serve the greater community as well as members of St. Matthew’s and be that loving caring church we say we are. 

I moved to Noblesville in 2003 to be closer to my children. I have 2 married daughters, 1 son and 2 granddaughters (over 30) and 4 granddogs! I retired as a deputy assessor from Warren Township Assessor office and served 8 years on the Warren Township School Board.  I love reading, gardening, knitting, and travelling anywhere.  One of my favorite things to do now is to watch the activity on the water and observe the wildlife from my deck and spending time with family and friends. 


A question you may have is why do I still attend St. Matthew’s? It is my sanctuary, my home, where friends are, and where my spiritual life is fed. 

joan porter.PNG
Randy Davenport.jpg

The People's Warden: Randy Davenport

I have been attending St. Matthews for six years and from the very first time I attended, I couldn't get over the warm inviting welcome I received. Over the years, I certainly have enjoyed getting to know everyone. Some of the most enjoyable times have been spent working alongside others on various volunteer activities or jobs. I always learn something interesting and new either about the people I am working with, or different needs of the church. 


Before I retired, Marla and I ran a business together. As the business grew (doubled in size) it required many more hours and left us with very little free time. Work / life balance was just not there.... much less any time for spiritual needs either, and attending church became important to both of us. I had always attended services since childhood on a regular basis and also volunteered and held various positions within the congregation. We both decided we wanted to spent more time together and wanted to do more at church.


Since attending St. Matthews, I have had the pleasure of being an Usher/Greeter, doing Oblations, being a Delegate at the convention, hosting coffee hour, and volunteering on Action Workdays. When Fr. Frank asked me about serving on the Vestry, I thought this would be a great opportunity to not only help, but to learn more about St. Matthews now that I can devote more time. I look forward to helping out in any way needed and working alongside Fr. Frank and other Vestry Members as well. 


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