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This Week Starting May 1, 2016
Why do we go to church? 
Have you ever thought about this question? Has anyone ever asked you this question or have you ever heard someone say they never think about going to church? What benefit is there in attending church regularly... for me, for you, for others?
I found 75 reasons! Maybe some of these will inspire you to attend church this weekend. I hope you will share these with others and invite them to come with you. Maybe they will find inspiration to be a part of church, too!

1.     You will have the opportunity to worship God.

2.     You will likely gain some insight into life's big questions.

3.     It will help set direction for your life.

4.     You will probably make some new friends.

5.     You'll probably see some old friends.

6.     You'll be encouraged in your walk with God.

7.     You'll likely encourage other people in their walk with God.

8.     People who attend church usually live longer (I didn't make this one up... google it!)

9.     It will give you an outlet for service and ministry.

10.  It can help you develop personal leadership.

11.  It will carry you during the week.

12.  It will encourage you that God is good (if it doesn't, it should).

13.  It will help you to look outside yourself.

14.  It will provide an opportunity to give financially to those in need.

15.  You'll receive love from other people.

16.  You'll be able to show love toward others.

17.  You'll hear about the great things God is doing locally and throughout the world.

18.  You'll be prayed for.

19.  You will be able to pray for others.

20.  You will be able to share stories of God working in your life.

21.  You will be able to worship God with other likeminded people.

22.  You've probably got nothing better to do. (Watching TV, or sleeping-in don't count as better!)

23.  Because gathering is part of what it means to be a Christian.

24.  Because it's good to have your views and opinions challenged.

25.  Because we all need regular reminders of our relationship with Jesus.

26.  It will help you acknowledge and confess your sins.

27.  It helps you to be in the world, but not of it.

28.  It will help you end one week, and starts the next, with the right focus.

29.  It's a break from work.

30.  It will help you re-order your priorities.

31.  It will help you put your life story, into the grand narrative of scripture.

32.  It will remind you that you have nothing to fear.

33.  It helps take your focus off yourself and onto God.

34.  It helps bring perspective and feeds the soul.

35.  Because gathering strengthens your faith.

36.  The discipline of going will help you be disciplined across all areas of life.

37.  It will allow for support in times of need.

38.  It promotes stability in your life.

39.  It helps to promote a happy marriage.

40.  It gives you something great to do with your kids.

41.  It will help you to improve your self-esteem.

42.  It will help your interpersonal skills.

43.  It will help increase your ability to cope with the trials of life.

44.  It will help you to be a happy person.

45.  It will positively influence future generations.

46.  It will provide you with an opportunity to share in communion.

47.  It will help you be a better member of your local community.

48.  It will help develop your children's self-confidence.

49.  Your children will learn the Bible.

50.  It may keep you out of trouble.

51.  It will help give you a sense of purpose.

52.  It will shape your vision of the future.

53.  It will give you hope.

54.  It will help you to know what you believe.

55.  It will help you to know what you stand for.

56.  It will encourage creativity.

57.  Because you want to go.

58.  It will give you the opportunity to express yourself in song.

59.  It beats staying at home and being alone.

60.  You get to put your Sunday best on... (or your skinny jeans depending on your style!).

61.  You'll find acceptance.

62.  Real forgiveness is found there.

63.  The gathering of God's people will help draw you closer to God.

64.  Jesus will be there.

65.  It will remind you that you're not alone.

66.  You're likely to learn something about God, the Bible, yourself, or others.

67.  Growth of the fruit of the Spirit will likely happen.

68.  It will bring with it tangible and intangible blessing.

69.  It will give you something interesting to talk about on Monday at work.

70.  Because being planted will help your life to flourish.

71.  It reflects a life lived beyond yourself.

72.  It will bring joy to your life.

73.  You've been promising someone that you'd go and its time to make good on your word.

74.  Because it's the right thing to do.

75.  It will literally change your life!

How many reasons can you add to this list?!

God's love to you all,  Fr. Frank

   Frank's Sermon
Sunday, May 1  
, Sixth Sunday of Easter
Holy Eucharist @ 8:00am
"Wish Linda Luck" reception part 1 @ 9:00am
BP Clinic @ 9:00am
Holy Eucharist @ 10:30am
"Wish Linda Luck" reception part 2 @ 11:30am 
Handbell Rehearsal @ 12:00pm        
Templo Gracia @ 3:00pm
St. Simon AA @ 8:00pm
Monday, May 2
       Book, Yarn and Prayer @ 7:00 pm
Wednesday, May 4   
       Holy Eucharist  10:00am Revd Cathy Gray
        BSA Troop 161 @ 7:00pm
Choir Rehearsal @ 7:15pm
       Templo Gracia @ 7:30pm
Friday, May 6       
Homeless Deliveries
Cub Scouts @ 7:00pm 
Templo Gracia @ 8:00pm
Saturday, May 7
         Triangle AA @ 7:30 pm
Sunday, May 8: Seventh Sunday of Easter
Mother's Day
        Holy Eucharist @ 8:00am
Holy Eucharist @ 10:30am
Handbell Rehearsal @ 12:00pm        
        Templo Gracia @ 3:00pm
 St. Simon AA @ 8:00 pm
Come "Wish her Luck"  Please join us on May 1st after each service to "send off" Linda Dernier, our Parish Administrator to her "semi" retirement. Linda recently tendered her resignation in hopes to pursue some new and exciting things that have been on her "wish list" for quite some time. After some respite from the parish, Linda plans to return as a full-time parishioner!
Book, Yarn, and Prayer have chosed their next book. 

 "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking" will be our next book for discussion.
Next meeting will be on  
Monday, May 2 @ 7:00 pm
The May Homeless camp deliveries will take place on Friday, May 6
Items should be brought to the church on Wednesday, May 4 or Thursday, May 5. Mark the items for the homeless and place the perishable items in the refrigerator. Place the non-perishable items in the basket in the narthex. 
HELP IS NEEDED: Please contact Carolyn Kirkendall or Buzz Hollett if you would like to assist with shopping the Wednesday or Thursday prior to the delivery as there are two people needed each month.
Reminder: May 8 is next BP Clinic

Are you ready for the Episcopal Fund for Human Need campaign?  
Pentecost Sunday, May 15 is our designated collection day! 

There are several ways to give this year:
  • You may text "GIVE" to 317-316-3664 anytime in April or May to make a donation on your cell phone. 
  • PayPal option to make a donation is available on the diocesan website.   
  • Or place a check in an EFHN envelope (available in church on Pentecost, May 15). 

Enclosed please find a flyer about the Radical Disciple Making Conference we are hosting at Irvington United Methodist Church on October 1. Bill Easum and his team will be here as one of the stops on their national tour. You can register at Radical Disciple Making - The 2016-17 Effective Church Tour and go down the list to October 1
Feel free to call if you have any questions.
God Bless,
Keith Adkins
IUMC  317-356-7231

Please contact Father Frank with pastoral concerns, upcoming surgeries, hospitalizations, illness, etc.


We ask that you continue to hold all those persons listed on our prayer list in your hearts and prayers. 


 Those serving on or near the Altar on
May 1, 2016 
CELEBRANT/PREACHER      The Revd Frank Impicciche
LECTORS                                    Allison Albrecht, Missy Ellis
INTERCESSOR                          Jeff Higbie
CHALICE                                    Suzanne Kissling
CRUCIFER/SERVER                Emily Albrecht
USHERS                                      Natalie Palmer, Denyse Palmer
GREETERS                                Angie Wilkinson, Zella Rosene
OBLATIONS                               Weir Family
COFFEE HOUR                         Robbins Family
COUNTERS                                Joe Weaver, Greg Staab
ALTAR GUILD                          Team 1

Service Times

Sunday (Two services):
     8:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

Nursery Care is available

     10:00 a.m. (year around)

Christian Formation for ALL ages
    See calendar for dates

Parish Office Hours:
Monday, Wednesday
     9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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The Mission of St. Matthew's is "to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ". We do this through worship of God, education of ourselves and our children, care for each other and outreach to others, sharing faith stories with others, and caring for all our resources (our time, treasure, and talents).